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No College Name Type
1 College of Modern Sciences (CMS) CMS New Block, Near Public School Main Gate Unit No. 03 Latifabad, Hyderabad. 03323810784 P
2 Institute of Modern Sciences, & Arts, (IMSA) Mezzanine Floor, Gul Centre, near Gymkhana Hyderabad. P
3 Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science & Technology, (HiAST) Near woman Police Station Main Autobahn Road Latifabad Hyderabad P
4 Anees Hassan, Centre of Excellence Main Autobhan Road OPP: Mehmood Garden Latifabad, Hyderabad. P
5 National College of Arts & Management Sciences, 224/B Latifabad No.2 Near Autobahn Road Hyderabad. P
6 Institute of Business Studies (IBS) Building # 15-6, 2nd floor , Above Al-Karam studio, Main Autoban Road, Hyderabad. P
7 Management Institute of Technology (MIT) Building # 15-6, 2nd floor , Above Al-Karam studio, Main Autoban Road, Hyderabad. P
8 Sindh Homeopathic Medical College 455-Fatima Manzil Behind Dr.Nami’s Clinic Saddar Hyderabad P
9 National Institute of Emerging Sciences, Little Folks Complex Satellite Town Mirpurkhas Note: Also allow 50 seats in M.Com P
10 Muhammad Institute of Science & Technology Hyderabad Road Mirpurkhas P
11 Sukkur Institute of Science &Technology (Sis-Tech) Bundar Road/Eid Gah Road Sukkur P
12 Indus College of Law Bungalow No. 142/B Near public School, Girls Section, Latifabad No.3 Hyderabad. P
13 IMSA Law College, Hyderabad House No.14, 15 & 16, G.O.R. Colony Latifabad Unit Number 01, Beside Office of Election Commission of Pakistan Hyderabad P
14 Everest Law College Near, A-23, Sector 8, Sadiq Levana, Opp: Saima Downtown, Near KIA Motors, Bypass, Qasiamabad, Hyderabad P
15 Tando Allahyar Law College District Tando Allahyar Situated at Mehmood Abad Colon Main, Hyderabad Road, Mob:03003042312 P
16 Sindh Mehran Institute of Law (SMIL) Jamshoro Bungalow No A/97 SUCHS Phase-I, Jamshoro. P
17 Foundation College of Law (FCL), Main Hyderabad Tando Jam Road Mir Qaim Khan Talpur City, Opposite Technical College Tando Jam Mob:0331-3535580 P
18 Mirpurkhas Law College State Life Building 2nd Floor Near DCO office Mirpurkhas P
19 Quaid-e-Azam Law College Nawabshah APWA Girls High School Building., Kachahry Road Nawabshah P
20 Leons College of Law (Shaheed Benazirabad) stop, Man Sakraind Nawabshah Bypasses Opp: Shaheed Benazir University, Mob:0331-3535580 P
21 Ali Law College Sanghar Model Town Phase-I Sanghar P
22 Shan-e-Aasi College of Law , Tando Adam District Sanghar P
23 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Law College District, Nausharo Feroze P
24 Qazi Mian Ahmed Qureshi, Law College Moro, District Naushero Feroze. P
25 Iqra Law College More, District Naushero Feroze P
26 Faiz Muhammad Sahito Law College Kandiaro, District Naushero Feroze P
27 Oriental Law College, Mehrabpur, Advocate Altaf Hussain Memon P.O. Mehrabpur Taluka Mehrabpur, District Noushehro Feroze. P
28 ECOLE Law College, Bungalow No. 1 Shora Goth, Qasiamabad, HYDERABAD.Phone: 0306-0763615/ 0331-3164255 P
29 HYDERABAD LAW COLLEGE, Bungalow No. 1 Opposite Poly-Technical College, Old Wehdat Colony, Qasiamabad, HYDERABAD. Phone: 0345-2780060 / 0330-4367633 P
30 National Degree College Dhabeji, District Thatta P
31 Abdul Jabbar (AJ) Science College Mirpurkhas (Stopped) P
32 Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas ** Allowed MBBS with 100 seats (Stopped) P
33 Government Boys College (Phuleli) Hyderabad G
34 Government ZUBEIDA Degree Girls College, Jail Road Hyderabad. G
35 Government M.B. & G.F. Girls College Tilak Incline Road Hyderabad. G
36 Khan Bahadur Muhammad Siddique Government Girls Degree College, Liaquat Colony Hyderabad. G
37 Government City College, Hyderabad. G
38 Government Sindh College of Commerce & Post Graduate Centre (New Cloth Market, Hyderabad). G
39 Government S.S Arts & Commerce College Hyderabad (Talak Incline Hyderabad) G
40 Government Sachal Sarmast Commerce College Hirabad Hyderabad. G
41 Government Sindh Law College Hyderabad HoshMohdSeedi Road Hyderabad. G
42 Government Jinnah Law College Hyderabad Doman Wah Road Hyderabad. G
43 Government. Dr. I.H. Zuberi Girls College of Home Economics. Also Granted affiliation in AD- Home Economics with 100 admissions. 12 Government Nazareth Girls Degree College Hyderabad, Tilak Incline, Hyderabad. G
44 Federal Government (F.G) College Cantonment Hyderabad. G
45 Government Girls Degree College (Near Alamdar Chowk, Qasimabad, Hyderabad). G
46 Government Boys Degree College Qasimabad Hyderabad. G
47 Government Shah Latif Girls College Latifabad Unit No.6 Hyderabad G
48 Government Girls Degree College No.8 Latifabad, Hyderabad G
49 Government Ghazali College Arts & Post Graduate Center Latifabad No.XI Hyderabad. G
50 Government. Degree College & Post Graduate Centre Latifabad No.11 Hyderabad. G
51 Government. Boys College (Kohsar) Latifabad Hyderabad. G
52 Government N. Shah Bukhari Boys College Tando Jam G
53 Government Boys College Pareetabad Hyderabad G
54 Government Muslim Science College Hyderabad G
55 Government Khursheed Begum Girls Degree College Hyderabad G
56 Government Elementary Education for Men Hyderabad. G
57 Government Elementary College Education for Women, Hyderabad. G
58 Government (N) Agro Technical Teachers Training Center/College Latifabad No. 11 G
59 Government Sarwary Islamia College Hala G
60 Government Girls College HALA G
61 Government Boys College MATIARI G
62 Government Boys College New Saeedabad G
63 Government Boys College Bhit Shah G
64 Makhdoom Muhammad ZamanTalib-ul- Mola Government Law College Hala G
65 Sardar Muhammad Ali Shah Jamote Government Girls Degree College Matiari G
66 Government Shah Latif Girls College Latifabad Unit No.6 Hyderabad G
67 Government. Boys College Tando Muhammad Khan G
68 Government Girls College Tando Muhammad Khan G
69 Government Degree Boys S.M. College Tando Allahyar G
70 Dr. Nasreen Maqbool Memon, Government Degree College (Village. S. SadiqueMemon: District Tando Allahyar) G
71 Government Girls Degree College BADIN G
72 Government GIRLS Degree College Matli G
73 Government BOYS Degree College Matli G
74 Government Pakistan College Saeedpur Badin G
75 Government Islamia College Badin G
76 Government Elementary College of Education Badin (M) G
77 Government Mir Ghulam Muhammad Talpur, Degree College, Tando Bago, District Badin G
78 Government Boys College Thatta G
79 Government Girls College Thatta G
80 Government Boys College Sujawal G
81 Government Elementry Degree College Education (M) Thatta G
82 Government Elementry Degree College of Education (W) Thatta G
83 Government Degree College Ghorabari at Gaarho District Thatta G
84 Government Boys Degree College Kotri G
85 Government Girls Degree College Kotri Liaquat Road, Near Police Station, Korti. G
86 Government Boys Degree College Sehwan Sharif G
87 Government Girls Degree College Sehwan Sharif G
88 Government Boys Degree College Bhan Saeedabad G
89 Government Girls Degree College Bhan Saeedabad District Jamshoro G
90 Government Pir Illahi Bux Law College District Dadu G
91 Shah Abdul Latif Government Degree Science College, Mirpurkhas. G
92 IBNE - RUSHD Government Girls Degree College Mirpurkhas G
93 Government Model College (Art & Commerce) Mirpurkhas G
94 Mir Haji Khuda Bux Khan Talpur Government Boys Degree College Tando Jan Muhammad. G
95 Government Girls Degree College Tando Jan Muhammad Government G
96 Government Elementary College of Education (Men) Mirpurkhas G
97 Government Elementary College of Education (Women) Mirpurkhas G
98 Government GIRLS Degree College JHUDO G
99 Government Degree College Kot Ghulam Mohammad District Mirpurkhas G
100 Sadique Faqeer Government Boys Degree College MITHI G
101 Government Girls Degree College Mithi G
102 Government College of Elementary Education (M&W) MITHI G
103 Government Boys Degree College Umerkot District: UMERKOT. G
104 Government Girls Degree College Umerkot G
105 M.D. Oriental College Muhammad AlimPalli G
106 Government Girls College Kunri Umerkot G
107 Government Elementary College of Education (Men/Women) Umerkot G
108 Government Boys Degree College Jhuddo G
109 Government Boys Degree College Sindhri G
110 Government Girls Degree College Samaro G
111 Government Nazareth Girls Degree College Hyderabad, Tilak Incline, Hyderabad. G