University of Sindh, Jamshoro


Hostel Facilities

The University provides residential facility to nearly 4000 male & female students in various hostels. There are total 13 hostels, 10 for boys and 3 for girls, Marui Girls Hostels consist one Postgradaute and two Undergradaute Hostels.

It is the responsibility of the Hostel administration to make students stay comfortable. The purpose of student stay on the campus is to equip them with knowledge and skills to face the challenges which demand disciplined behavior. To achieve that the Provost, Deputy Provost and Wardens of the Hostels are available to ensure your well being and resolve your difficulties. Further, the Hostel authorities have plan to designate Wing Monitors and Senior House Monitors in every Hostel address to your immediate or day to-day problems, e.g.. maladjustment with room-mate or any grievance concerning food, hygienic conditions, cleanliness and other facilities:

Facilities Provided to the Hostlers

1. Food Facility: Fifteen Canteens inside Hostels and one Central Canteen is setup on main campus which provide meals and tea on subsidized rates fixed by the Hostel management.

2. Drinking Water: Clean-bacteria free (UV treated) water is available in every Hostel

3. Entertainment/Academic: Internet facility, TV Cable connection and indoor sports facility.

4. Bus Service: Shuttle Bus service connecting Hostels to the Jamshoro town and Hyderabad city has been provided.

Hostel Regulations

Accommodation in Sindh University Hostels is allowed to students subject to the availability of seats and in accordance with the University of Sindh Hostel Regulations


Dr. Pasand All Khoso
Provost Boys Hostels
University of Sindh, Allama I.I Kazi Campus, Jamshoro-76060 Sindh.Pakistan.

Dr. Naheed Arain
Provost Girls Hostels
University of Sindh, Allama I.I Kazi Campus, Jamshoro-76060 Sindh.Pakistan.