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Institute of Sindhology University of Sindh

In 1962, the University of Sindh established an institution called the” Sindhi Academy “. Its aims and objectives were:

(1) To establish a research library containing all available books and manuscripts, written in any language, providing information about Sindh, it’s past and present; and

(2) To publish research material produced in Sindhi and other Pakistani languages and in English, Persian and Arabic including relevant Ph.D. thesis submitted to the University of Sindh or any other university of Pakistan. The aim was to promote research on Sindh and assist research scholars in getting relevant material. The celebrated Scientist Dr. M. Raziuddin Siddiqi was at the helm of affairs as the Vice-chancellor at that time. He was supported by renowned scholars Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Khan Baloch, Muhammad Hanif Siddiqui , Pir Hussamuddin Rashdi and Ghulam Ali Allana to run the Sindhi Academy .

In 1964, the Advisory Board of Sindhi Academy decided to change the nomenclature and the status of Sindhi Academy to the “Institute of Sindhology” with enhancing its aims and objectives.

The Following Modus Operandi was opted:

  1. To work on the pattern of Indology and Egyptology
  2. To encourage research on the Indus valley civilization, through the ages &
  3. To interpret Sindh, Indus civilization and its contribution to human history and civilization.

In the words of Dr. M. Raziuddin Siddiqi, “Great things very often begin in a small way”, this institution was founded in a small room of 8’x8′ at the Sindh University, Old Campus, Hyderabad. The foundation stone of the present independent and majestic building situated on the Hyderabad-Karachi Super Highway (adjacent to right side of Indus river. 12 km from Hyderabad and 150 km from Karachi) was laid down on 10th December 1972 and the Institute was shifted in the new building in 1978. The Institute’s building is the masterpiece and the best portrayal of amalgamations of the Islamic and Buddhist architectures on Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, Jamshoro. The three-storey main building decorated with beautiful Hala tile-work gives a magnificent look, with its two arms housing the Research Library and Administration Block. The main domed building houses the Anthropological Research Centre (Museum), Art Gallery, Film and Photographic Sections and Audio-visual Section. The extension made at the time of Silver Jubilee Celebrations in 1987 houses the Book Depot and Gift shop.

Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Siyal
Institute of Sindhology,
University of Sindh, Allama I.I Kazi Campus, Jamshoro-76060 Sindh.Pakistan.
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