The Centre shall:

  • Engage in high level teaching and research.
  • Train research workers.
  • Conduct M.Phil, Ph.D and other programs in the relevant disciplines in accordance with the standard and requirements of the University of Sindh.
  • Promote co-operation in inter-disciplinary relationship with other teaching and research establishments.
  • Establish Faculty Exchange Programs with national and international academic institutions/ universities.
  • Organize Conferences, Seminars and Refresher courses for the development of teaching and research.
  • Provide relevant information and data of the research studies to benefit the concerned ministries.Cnduct teaching and research in such particular fields as assigned by the Federal Government in consultation with the University of Sindh.

The main purpose of the establishment of the Area Study Centre for Far East and Southeast Asia is to find out ways and means to promote teaching and advance research in language, literature, culture, economic, political and sociological studies of Far East and Southeast Asian countries, with interdisciplinary approach for a better understanding and promotion of the international co-operation through academic exchange programs, cultural collaborations and to collect and provide data for the development of social, political, security and trade relations of Pakistan with Far East and Southeast Asian countries.