Dr. Mukesh Kumar Khatwani

Associate Professor

The Area Study Centre, Far East and Southeast Asia, University of Sindh is a prestigious institute of advanced learning and research. In addition to our core research areas on Politics, Security, Economy and Society of North and South East Asia, the Centre is providing the relevant information and research findings to benefit the concerned ministries for the formulation of Pakistan\\'s policies on the region. The Centre\\'s transformative education and innovative research are aimed at making a distinct and positive impact on society.

Advanced research is more than the next level in the learning process; it is a critical component of human development worldwide. It provides not only the high-level skills but also helps in developing critical thinking and creativity. Research and knowledge accumulation and application have become major factor in economic development and remained increasingly at the core of any country\\'s competitive advantage in the global economy.

We aim to be the placed of higher learning for talented men and women in Pakistan and particularly Southeast Asian nations, who would serve community, society and the nation. We hope students will be inspired by many fascinating facets that make the Area Study Centre, Far East & Southeast Asia, University of Sindh a leading research institute in the country and in the region. The Area Study Centre is committed to advancing students\\' academic growth and helping them in carving out successful career, together, we can stride confidently into the future. The Area Study Centre has ever-greater contributions in education, research, leadership and public engagement, locally and globally.