Dr. Imdad Ali Brohi


                    Centre for Pure and Applied Geology

                     University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

                    ( Office: +92-22-9213181 Ext. 2016
                             Residence: +92-22-2772667

                            Cell:    +92-333-2642193

                            mailto: iabrohi@usindh.edu.pk  



D.Sc.                                                               Hiroshima University Japan       1993            

                                                                       (Specialization in Benthic Foraminiferal Study of Late Cretaceous to Early Tertiary with respect to special
                                                                        reference of Tethyan Sea Closure).

M.Sc. (Geology)                                              University of Sindh   1979    1st Class 2ndPosition.

B.Sc. (Hon) Geology                                       University of Sindh 1978      1st Class   1st Position.

H.S.C Part-II (Inter Science)                            B.I.S.E Hyderabad. 1974    2nd Class

S.S.C Part-II (Metric Science)                         B.I.S.E  Hyderabad  1971    1st Class



Name:                                                         DR. IMDAD ALI.

Father's Name:                                            MR. MOHD BUX BROHI.

Date of Birth:                                               29TH MARCH, 1955.

Place of Birth:                                              BADAH, DISTRICT LARKANA (SINDH).

N.I.C NO:                                                  41204-2437379-9

Knowledge of Languages:                           BALOCHI, SINDHI, ENGLISH, BRAHVI, JAPANESE, URDU, SIRAIKI, PUNJABI.           

Present Position:                                         PROFESSOR, CENTRE FOR PURE AND APPLIED GEOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF SINDH, JAMSHORO.


Experience (Field)  As Assistant Director in GSP : 14 years experience in the following fields. (From 29-10-81 to 06-12-95)

 i)   2 Years in Cainozoic mammals of Pakistan. (Fossil collection, Section measurement, partly mapping Dadu and Larkana Districts, Sindh)
ii)   2 Years in Mesozoic, Ammonites and Brachiopods, Fossil collection, Section measurement ( Lasbela, Khuzdar, Muslim Bagh, Loralai and Uthal Districts, Balochistan).
iii)   2 Years mapping around Ziarat District, Balochistan.
iv)   6 Years in Micropaleontology in Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of Late Cretaceous and Early tertiary in Southern Balochistan, Pakistan.
v)    Year in Permo-Triassic rocks, fossil collection, Section measurement (Muslim Bagh and Kalat Districts, Balochistan). Besides this under the  joint GSP-Japanese Project the detailed Stratigraphic and Section measurement field work were carried around the Fort Manro, Raki Nala and Sakhi Sarwar in the South of Zinda Pir anticline.During the field work The Mesozoic exposed sequence and Tertiary rocks of the areas were focused for lithological logs, contact relationship and fossil indentification.
vi)   The subjects offered in M.Sc are Micropaleontology, Petroleum Geology and Sedimentology. In petroleum Geology specially, the study of reservoir rocks and secondary recovery methods were studied.  


Experience (Teaching):

Assistant Professor                                        6 Dec. 1995. Department of Geology,University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
Associate Professor                                       20 March, 1998, Department of Geology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
Professor                                                       May, 2003, Department of Geology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.


Research Publications:


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Extended abstracts. Attended the International Seminars:


  1. Biostratigraphic study on the basis of Benthonic Foraminifera of the Jamburo Group around Khuzdar, Balochistan, Pakistan. Sendai, Japan 1990.


  1. Late cretaceous- Early tertiary Benthic Foraminfera  from the Jamburo Group at Hinar Section, Balochistan, Pakistan. Shimane, Japan, 1992.


  1. Benthic Foraminfera from the type Locality of Jamburo Group, Southern Balochistan, Pakistan. Tsukuba, Japan 1993.


  1. Maastrichtian- Oligocene Benthic Foraminiferal study of the Jamburo Group around the Hinar Section, Balochistan, Pakistan. GEOSAS- III, 23-26 Sept. 2000, Lahore.


  1. The stratigraphic studies of Shrinab Formation to the North of Jangal, Basima Balochistan, Pakistan. GEOSAS-III, 23-26 Sept. 2000, Lahore.


  1. Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Thar Coal Basin, Sindh, Pakistan. GEOSAS-III, 23-26 Sept. 2000, Lahore.                                   


  1. Annual Technical Conference & Oil show 3-5 October, 2003, Islamabad.


  1. Attended The First National Conference on "Assessment and Proper Utilization of Indigenous Energy Resources and Their Impact on Environment". Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology. February 26-28, 2007. Nawabshah.


    Short courses / training, congress & workshop: 

  1. Short course on Sedimentology, Stratigraphy & Petroleum Geology held at        the Department of Geology, university of Sindh, ( November 24-25, 1999), Jamshoro. 

  2. Training course on application of SRS/GIS Technologies for Resources of Environmental Management (SUPARCO), (October 08-12,2001), Islamabad.

  3. An Integrated Approach for Prospect Evaluation/Generation 22nd &23rd March 2003, (SPE) Society of Petroleum Engineers, MUET, Jamshoro. 

  4. The Art of Mud Logging., 20th to 21st August, 2003, (SPE),  MUET, Jamshoro.         

  5. 5th Pakistan Geological Congress April 14-15, 2004, Islamabad.

  6. Workshop on Geological Materials/Aggregates Of Pakistan, June 10,2004, Islamabad.

  7. Conducted the workshop on study of Microfossils 04 July-2005 to 07 July-2005.   In the Department of Geology, University of Balochistan.

  8. Training on Scanining Electron Miceoscope (SEM), Tokyo, Japan 2009.

 Additional Charges:

  1. Performed duties of deputy provost of boys Hostel, University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2003.

  2. Holding a charge of Beautification and Plantation of the Sindh University  new Campus from 2008.

  3. Performing the duties of Inspector of Colleges of affiliated colleges from 2009.


References will be furnished if desired.