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Allama I.I. Kazi Campus Jamshoro

General Guide Line for Online Exam Form

  1. Carefully fill Online Examinations Form by entering all required information at
  2. You are required to have a valid Cell Phone number for to contact.
  3. Please get a print-out of Online Filled Examination Form and put signature on it and submit by hand at the office of your concern head of the Campus/ Institute/ Centre/ Department, University of Sindh, Jamshoro along with following documents.

Copies of the following documents are required.

    1. Attested Photocopy Fresh Student’s ID Card
    2. Upload Recent Passport size photograph with White background at the time of filling of the Online Examinations Form.
    3. Improver/ Failure candidates will have to attach Original paid-up Bank Challan of Examination Form (Fee mention bellow in fee structured).

Fee Structured for Examinations

  1. All Bachelor/ Master degree programs Improver/ Failure candidates for all disciplines Fee Rs. 495/- (Per Semester) Morning shift
  2.  All Bachelor/ Master degree programs Improver/ Failure candidates for all disciplines Fee Rs. 935/- (Per Semester) Evening shift
  3. M.Sc. (Pass) Criminology, BBA (Evening) & MBA (Evening) Improver/ Failure candidates Fee Rs. 1320/- (Per Semester)
  1. Online Examination Form are duly filled-in for both Major, Minor and Compulsory subjects
  2. Once a choice of the Elective/ Minor/ Specialization Subjects are assigned to a student, he/ she will not be assigned another Elective/ Minor/ Specialization subject at later stage.
  3. Since the Examination Form is a legal document, any wrong information provided there-in, over-writing or tempering in any way is illegal may (detected at any stage) result in rejection of the Examination Form outright or shall be prosecuted under Criminal Law, besides cancellation of admission.
  4. Video Guideline for filling Online Examinations Form is available at


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