The University of Sindh provides degree programming through the teaching Institutes/ Departments/ Centres functioning under the Faculties of Arts, Commerce & Business Administration, Education, Islamic Studies, Law, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy and Social Sciences.

The Programs ,their pre-requisites and requirements for the degree are specified as under:

Pre-Entry Test is mandatory for Admission to both Bachelor & Master’s Programs in all disciplines.

(1)           The requirement for the 6- semester Bachelor (Hons.) degree under the Faculties of Arts (except Arts & Design), Islamic Studies and Education are 96 credit hours with curricula organised as under:

The 6- Semester Bachelor (Honours) Curricula comprise

A. General Education Requirements,  4 Semester,         (14)
i) English (8)
ii) Pakistan Studies (1)
iii) Islamic Studies or Ethics for Non-Muslim (1)
iv) Urdu/ Sindhi/ Additional English in lieu of mother tongue(4)
B: Elective courses- discipline- in which   Majoring (Six semester) (58)
C: Supporting Minors: 2 courses (in each semester) , four Semester (24)

Total       96 credit hours

The two supporting Minor courses are to be offered  from amongst the under- mentioned Group A & B, one from each group and excluding the discipline offered as Major. The students must give in writing their choice of minor subjects, within one week of commencement of classes, to the Head of the concerned department to which admitted:

Group “A” Group “B”
Home Economics B.H.P.Ed.
Political Science Sociology
Mass Communication Library & Information Science
English Philosophy
Urdu Religion
Persian Fine Arts
Rural Development Studies Women Development Studies
Economics Psychology
International Relations Social Work
General History Public Administration
Sindhi Muslim History
Arabic Islamic Culture
Statistics Functional Mathematics

The general Pre-requisite qualification for admission to the Bachelor Hons. programs under these Faculties is H.S.C. with Arts/ Science/ Commerce ORHome Economics groups:

(2)           For the 4-yr.  (8- Semester) Bachelor degree offered by the teaching departments under the Faculty of Social Sciences the Course requirements are as under:-

  1. General Education Courses during 1-4 semester                                                                                       32 C.H.
  2. i)              Elective Major discipline courses                                                                                                    91 C.H.
  3. ii)             supporting Minor courses (from Group A & B as listed above)                                                 24 C.H.

TOTAL                                    147 CH

(3)           For the 4-yr  (8- Semester) Bachelors degree under the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the minimum requirements are 146 credit hours, with curricula organised as under:

The 8- Semester Bachelor  Curricula comprise:-                                                                                                         Weightage

  1. General Education requirements 4 Semester                                                                                            32 C.H.
i) English (12) ii) Pakistan Studies (2)
iii) Islamic Studies or Ethics (2) iv) General Maths (2+2+2=6)
v) Environmetal Science (2) vi) Statistics & Computer Skills (2)
vii) Civilization (2) viii) Economics/ Accounting (2)

B:    (i)    Elective:  Major discipline;  Eight semester courses                                                                              60% C.H.

(ii)   Supporting Minors, I & II courses 4 Semesters

to be offered in consultation with the                                                                                                         24% C.H.

Director/ Chairperson of the Institute/

Department in which majoring, as per combinations listed below

C:            Free choice Elective subjects e.g., Fine Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy

(Not yet implemented)

Total C.H. for 8-semester program                 (18 C.H. per semester)      146 C.H C.H.

Table: Major subjects and disciplines offered as supporting Minor Courses.

Major Minor-I Minor-II (any one)
Botany Zoology Chemistry/ Bio-Chemistry/ Freshwater Biology/ Physiology
Chemistry Physics Zoology/ Botany/ Fresh Water Biology/ Physiology
Freshwater Biology & Fisheries Zoology Chemistry/ Bio-Chemistry/ Physiology
Genetics Chemistry Botany/ Physiology/ Microbiology/ Zoology
Geography (For Pre-Engineering) Chemistry/ Statistics
Geology (For Pre-Medical) Botany/ Chemistry/ Zoology
Geology Applied Mathematics Chemistry/ Physics/ Geography
Statistics (For Pre-Medical) Chemistry/ Botany/ Physics/ Zoology/ Microbiology
Mathematics Applied Mathematics Chemistry/ Geology/ Physics/ Geography
Microbiology Physiology Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Zoology
Physics Applied Mathematics/Statistics Chemistry/ Geology/
Physiology Bio-Chemistry/ Microbiology Biotechnology/ Fresh Water Biology/  Zoology
Psychology (For Pre-Medical) Physiology Bio-Chemistry/ Botany/ Zoology
Statisitics (For Pre-Engineering) Bio-chemistry/ Chemistry/ Physics
Statistics Computer Application Economics/ Business/ Public Administration
Zoology Botany Chemistry/ Fresh Water Biology/   Biochemistry/ Physiology

Note:      The students must give in writing their choice of minor subjects, within one week of commencement of classes, to the head of the concerned institute/ department to which admitted.

(3)           The Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration offers 8- semester B.Com. (Hons.) & B.B.A. (Hons.) programs followed by 2-yr. M.Com. & M.B.A. (Hons.) programs., equivalent to MS/ M.Phil. in these disciplines.

  1. i)        B.Com. (Hons.) 8- Semester program: curricula comprise:
  2. General  Requirements
  3. General Education course
  4. Professional courses Requirements

including supporting Minor courses:                                               136 credit hours

  1. ii)       The B.B.A. 8- semester program                                                                     146 credit hours