The curricula organization for all the Bachelor & Master degree programs under various Faculties are listed in this section, under respective Faculties.Details of the courses are available with the concerned department/ course teachers. Details of Lab. courses (Practical / Fieldwork in Natural & Social Sciences) are also available with the course teacher concerned.

The relevance of course numbers to level of programs has been specified under Semester Regulations. It is however summarized here for convenience and identification of the level of program

  1. Bachelor Programs

–      300-309 ‘General education’/ compulsory courses offered  during first & second semester.

–      310-349 Major discipline courses to be offered during first & second semester.

–      350-399 Supporting Minor courses to be offered during first & second semester.

–      400-409    Courses offered under ‘General education’/ compulsory during third & fourth semester.

–      410-449 Major discipline courses to be offered during third & fourth semester.

–      450-499 Supporting Minor courses to be offered during third & fourth semester.

–      500-599 courses to be offered during fifth & sixth semester of the Bachelor/ Hons. programs.

–      600- 699 7th and 8th semester of the 4-yr. Bachelor degree programs.

–      700- 799 Pharm. D. courses of 5th Professional under the Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Bachelor of Education and other Bachelor (Post First Degree) Programs

Bachelor of Education/ Health & Physical Education and Postgraduate Diploma Library & Information Science programs are identified by course nos.500 to 599.

  1. Masters  (2 Semester) Programs

Course numbers 600- 699 are assigned to all two semester Masters (after Honours) program. MBA final year speciliazation courses are also numbered 700- 799

  1. Masters  (2 Semester) Program

Master (two semester) program courses after 8 semester Bachelor degree of the Institute of Arts & Design  are numbered  700- 799 .

  1. Masters (4/6 Semester) Program

Course numbers 500 to 699 identify 4- semester Masters (Pass) Regular programs as well as 6- semester Masters Evening programs.

  1. Under the 4 semester Masters programs in general and basic sciences disciplines students will study courses numbered 500- 599 during 1st year(Previous, First and Second Semesters) and courses numbered 600-699 as for Two Semester program after Honours (above) during Third and Fourth Semester (final year).

In many cases courses numbered 500 to 599 are common to both Bachelor (5th & 6th semester) and Masters (1st & 2nd)   semester requirements

NOTE: Courses for some of the programs are not in conformity with the numbering scheme outlined above. The revision of these courses is in hand.