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Sindh University launches a new department

A new department named department of music & performing arts has been launched at institute of art & design,university of Sindh Jamshoro. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Mughal inaugurated the new department here on Wednesday. With starting on department of music and performing arts the total number of departments in Sindh University climbed to 58 areas of study in this alma mater. Addressing the inauguration ceremony, the vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Mughal termed the newly launched department as stepping stone to eradicate the extremism and terrorism from Sindh and the country. He said that those who had been spreading terrorism, their minds were dry owing to lack of the schooling of art, design and communication whereas their brains were polished with only a thing “kill the masses and entre the paradise”, but these terrorists and extremists had actually been misled, he said. Dr Mughal said that killing of a human was the killing of entire humanity and an artiste could understand the values of a life of human as they were so sensitive in nature adding that the civilization could be protected only with the help of teaching arts, communication, design and music to the new generations. Dr Mughal further said that one could never find an artiste to be an extremist in nature; but he can be found so inclined and prone towards others which might be said a great thing. He said the society of Pakistan went dry due to unavailability of the training of arts. He added that making positive minds was indispensible for building up civilizations and nation.  “Our nation is going to extremism because of the presence of narrow-minded people who call the artistes to be futile but actually they don’t know that it is the artiste who makes the nation and civilizations in the society”, Dr Mughal said. He said that the artistes were well-aware of the civilizations as their minds are open and they keep alive heart and soul. “Music and performing arts department will play a key role in steering the youths out of intolerance, injustices, social inequality and bring them to the straight path of life where there is a philosophy of live and let live others as well.” Later, the vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Nazir A. Mughal visited the thesis display in department of communication design and textile at Institute of arts and design and lauded the efforts of the students who had also displayed their paintings, portrait s and other handy works. He felicitated the students on the occasion and urged them to involve the community so that it might be brought to right direction. The students of arts design and textile briefed the guests about their handy work and demanded to provide them necessary equipments of music as well. The vice chancellor on the spot approved all the needed apparatus of music and performing arts. In the mean time, the institute organized a musical show as well to entertain the visitors wherein Ustad Ameer Ali, Fawad Ahmed and Ustad Hyder Ali performed. In the musical show no one could help clapping to boost up the singers who cast the spell of their voice. In the end, the vice chancellor constituted a committee headed by Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani and In charge Director of Institute of arts and design Naimat ul Khilji to make necessary action in organizing an exhibition of paintings, portraits and other handy works of the students and those students who would stand first in display, will be awarded Rs. 25 thousand in cash whereas the best singer teachers would be paid Rs. 15 thousand as award. Dr. Mughal also announced that music, art, design and communication subjects will be made compulsory in science departments also in a bid to make the students broad-minded. At the same time, welcome 2013 batch and get together party of passing students held in the auditorium of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) wherein Vice Chancellor Dr Nazir A. Mughal,  Dean faculty of commerce & Business administration Dr Noor Mohammad Jamali, Registrar Mohammad Nawaz Narejo and others participated. Dr. Nazir A. Mughal in his speech advised the leaving students to do MBA at any costs to fit them for the best jobs in the market. He said the trend of the higher education was changed just from teaching and awarding degrees. He said the third pillar besides teaching and awarding degrees was poking the nose into community affairs. “We should try our best to spare some moments in deliver free lectures in schools after seeking permission from the principals so that we may train them from the very beginning”, Dr Mughal said. He said that he had opened up 8 new campuses of Sindh University in an attempt to impart higher education to the footsteps of the poor students in the province. “14000 students apply for admissions in Sindh varsity annually, we give admissions to just 4000 candidates and the rest 10,000 go astray or in private institutions where the education is so costly, now when 8 campuses have been opened, these 10,000 students will be able to seek admissions there ”, he said.


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