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Acting Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Prof.Dr. Parveen Shah inauguration 6-day thesis exhibition of the final year students of the Institute of Art and Design.

Acting Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Prof.Dr. Parveen Shah has said that every human possesses a unique blend of tears   and cheers and thus always looks for a way to express these emotions and added that art is also popular way to communicate  emotions and feelings of the society.

She was speaking after inauguration of 6-day thesis exhibition of the final year students of theInstituteofArtand Design of the University on Wednesday. Dr. Parveen Shah appreciated tradition of thesis exhibition and termed it a popular idea to promote art and design work of the final year students. She said that artists are the sensitive section of the society and added that they are custodians of the virtuous   values and they later express soul touching forms of beauty which dazzle, delight stimulate and instruct those who encounter them with the eyes. Artists snap-open our imagination and  stir  us to pause, to think to feel  Dr. Parveen Shah said and added that the artists enable us to see those truths which we would not  have known otherwise. Dr. Shah further said that art alone has the power to motivate, inspire to dream, to explore, to seek and to achieve and added that it is art that unlocks creative impulses. Dr. Shah appreciated that more number of girls students are enrolled and participated through their art work in exhibition and added that women are more sentimentally suited to finer pursuit like art and music.

Dr. Shah appreciated designs developed by the students and emphasized that the institute should coordinate with the industry for the marketing of the designs on commercial basis.  53 male and female students of fine art, Textile design and communication design discipline of theInstituteofArtand Design displayed their work in the exhition.
The students of the Art and design display their thesis projects on various aspects of life. The student of the communication design Ms Humera developed a impressing project on recent floods and rains in various districts of Sindh. The projects reflects the damages of the property and its impact of the human life.

An a student Mansoor developed his project on Civic sense to give realization to the society to take care of the society  for making the net and clean to the surroundings. A students of textile design, Miss Seap developed a project for beautification of house with various designs. She has also developed various designs which can be helpful to the textile industry.

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