The University provides residential facility to nearly 4000 Boys & Girls Students in various Hostel. There are 15 Hostels in all, (10) Hostels are for Boys and (05) Girls. In addition, there  is one Postgraduate Hostels (One for Boys and One for Girls)

It is the responsibility of the Hostels administration to make your stay comfortable. Thepurpose of your stay on the Campus is to equip yourselves with knowledge and skills to face the challenges which demand disciplined behavior. To achieve that, the Provost, Deputy Provost and wardens of the Hostel are available to ensure your wellbeing and resolve your difficulties. Further, the Hostel authorities have plan to designate Wing Monitors and Senior House Monitors in every Hostel to address to your immediate or day to day problems, e.g..,  maladjustment with room-mate or any grievance concerning food, hygienic conditions, cleanliness and other facilities. Hostel


Facilities Provided to the Hostlers

  1. Food Facility: Fifteen Canteens inside Hostels and one Central Canteen is setup on main campus which provide meals and tea on subsidized rates fixed by the Hostel Management.
  2. Drinking Water: Clean-Bactria free (U.V treated) is available in every Hostel
  3. Laundry: Eight Cloth pressing shops being facilitated by a big Laundry are available which serve at subsidized rates.
  4. Entertainment/Academic: Internet facility, T.V Cable connection and indoor sports facility.
  5. Bus Service: Shuttle Bus service connecting Hostels to the Jamshoro town and Hyderabad city has been provided.

Accommodation in Sindh University Hostels is allowed to the students subject to the availability of seats and in accordance with the university of Sindh Hostel Regulations 1986 and as amended later on.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Keeping unauthorized person in the room/seat allotted to a Hostel resident.
  2. Subletting the room/seat allotted to the resident or any other room lying vacant for any reason.
  3. Non -payment of Hostel dues during the quarter of the year for which allotment was given in the Hostel.
  4. Keeping and making use of drugs or other intoxicants except drugs prescribed by authorized medical expert on account of illness suffered by the hosteller.
  5. Keeping electric appliances such as refrigerators/air conditioner T.V., Oven, Burners and Heaters etc.
  6. Parking Cars or other vehicles in places other then the designated parking lot.
  7. Engaging in any immoral or agitational and violent activities or creating nuisance or disturbing the peace and tranquility on the campus.
  8. Inviting or entertaining female visitors in the Hostel rooms of the male Hostel.
  9. Causing willful damage and or causing damage, acts of vandalism, removing or damaging Hostel/University property.
  10. Barricading stairs, corridors, gates, and other areas in the Hostel campus of general use.
  11. Staging sit-in, Lockup, occupying Hostel/warden/administration offices and employees.
  12. Use of abusive language towards other residents or and University authorities and employees.
  13. Use of Hostel room/premises for group political assemblies and for purpose, other those for which they are meant
  14. Inviting outsiders to address Hostel residents without permission of the authorities.
  15. Pasting of posters/chalking on Hostels/campus buildings/premises compound-walls or any portion thereof.
  16. Inciting parochial, linguistic, sectarian/religious/feelings among Hostel residents.
  17. Staying away from the Hostel premises after 11:00p.m and before call for Fajar prayer or for longer periods without prior permission from higher authorities.
  18. Late comers or early departees would be required to sign to register at the Reception, stating valid reasons for late coming or early departure.
  19. The Hostel authorities reserve the right to search the personal belonging and baggage of residents at the time entering the Hostel or while residing in the allotted accommodation.
  20. Cooking in the Hostel Rooms is strictly prohibited.
  21. No visitor shall be allowed to meet the residents of Hostels before 7:00am and after 8:pm. He shall have to record his name and address and signature and time of arrival and departure in the register kept at reception.
  22. No guests are allowed to stay in the hostels at any cost.
  23. Student will be self responsible for keeping personal precious belongings (Mobile phone set, camera, gold, money and electronic devices etc.) in lickers in their rooms.
  24. Students will have to take over and hand over in writing the items (cots, tables, chairs, ceiling fans, tube lights etc.) available in their room.
  25. Without the permission of hostel administration dismantling, replacement or shifting of any item from one room to another room is strictly prohibited.


Hostel accommodation forms are available with the designated branches of HBL on payment of Rs. 50/=. The application forms duly filled in and completed in all respects, be submitted in the office of the Provost, Boys Hostels/ Provost Marvi Girls Hostels, University of Sindh, after seeking admission in the University.