1. a) All admissions shall be provisional until approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. b) The Vice-Chancellor may refuse admission to the University classes to any candidate without assigning any reason.
  3. c) A candidate who desires to seek admission in any course of study in the University must be a National of Pakistan. Foreign nationals may be considered for admission when nominated/ recommended by the Ministry of Education/ Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad and HEC.
  4. d) The marks certificates of pre-requisite examination of all the candidates/ students shall be verified from the concerned Boards/Universities. The documents verification fees, shall be charged from the students at the time of admission.
  5. e) A candidate who has passed an examination from a University or a Board other then the University of Sindh or Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Hyderabad, shall have to obtain Certificate of Eligibility from the University of Sindh prior to his/ her admission to any class. However, the Registrar may issue a provisional admission certificate if he is satisfied that the applicant is prima facie eligible for admission to this University, AT HIS/HER OWN RISK AND COST and on the condition that he/ she obtains a final certificate of eligibility within 30 days from date of admission.
  6. f) No student shall at one time join or continue on roll of the two Teaching Institutes/ Departments/ Centres/ Affiliated Colleges of the University or any other University or affiliated college for two courses of study in the same or different Faculties. However, a Post-graduate student on roll of the University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre may join or continue a Post-graduate Diploma course of the University and/ or the LL.B. course in a college affiliated to the University subject to eligibility.  A student of Bachelor (Pass/ Hons.) course may join an undergraduate Diploma/ Certificate course of the University. Violation of the rule may lead to cancelation of admissions in all courses of study in which he/she is found enrolled.
  7. g) A student admitted to any University class as a regular student shall NOT be eligible to appear at any University Examination as an EXTERNAL CANDIDATE simultaneously during his/her University studentship.
  8. h) No student shall be re-admitted without the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty concerned and prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor in case his/her admission is cancelled due to any reason.


Pre-Entry Test is mandatory for admissions to all disciplines and programs of the University under all categories. All candidates seeking admission to any 4- Year/ 3-Year/ 2-Year Bachelor/ Honos/ Master (Previous) program whether as a regular student or under Self Finance scheme or on sports seats or under employees quota or any other Quota except foreign candidates shall have to appear in the Pre-Entry test as per schedule. The test will be based on MCQs.

For candidates seeking admission to Bachelor Programs the test shall be conducted from amongst following subjects studied at H.S.C level:

Commerce, English, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies and General Knowledge (Sample test Paper enclosed).

For candidates seeking admission to Masters (Previous) program, the Test paper shall have questions covering three components, viz. English (25%), General Knowledge (15%) and relevant discipline, Faculty wise, e.g., Faculty of Natural Science, Social Sciences OR  Arts (60%).

Candidate who secures top five positions in Pre-Entry Test for Bachelor program will be awarded cash prize to those students who seek admission and deposit the fee.

For applicants of Sindh University Campuses Badin, Mirpurkhas, Dadu, Larkana and Thatta the Test will be conducted at the respective Campuses.

  1. The merit for admissions shall be determined on the basis of Pre-entry Test score as well as on previous academic record. However, candidates who shall not qualify the Pre-Entry-Test will not be considered for admission in any discipline..

The prospective students must have to secure 60 points out of 400 points (15%) for qualifying Pre-entry test for admission in any discipline.

The weightage assigned to the Pre-entry test and previous academic record will be as under:-

  For Admission to Bachelor Master
i. S.S.C. 10% 05%
ii. H.S.C. (adjusted marks) 30% 05%
iii. Bachelor Degree (adjusted marks) 30%
iv. Pre-Entry Test/Aptitude test 60% 60%
  1. In case of improvers/ repeaters, marks shall be deducted as per rules from the total marks of the candidates in order to prepare the adjusted merit list. This deduction shall not alter the division/ grade of the candidates.

(i)     05 marks to be deducted if the candidate has appeared second time in H.S.C. Examination in order to improve his/ her Division/ Grade.

(ii)    In case H.S.C. Examination has not been cleared within the minimum period required for passing the same after passing Matriculation Examination, every additional year or part of a year beyond this period shall be treated as candidate’s attempt for the purpose of deducting marks irrespective of his/ her having not appeared in the examination in each year.

(iii)   05 marks shall be deducted from the total marks for the loss of each extra year or part thereof.

However, a maximum of 25 marks may be deducted.

(iv)   Same rules shall apply if a candidate fails to clear Bachelor degree Examination within the minimum period required for passing such examination after Matriculation Examination.

(v)    05 marks per year shall be deducted from the total marks if the candidate has not passed the pre-requisite examination in the preceding year.


  1. a) No admission shall be allowed to a candidate who has passed the pre-requisite examination in Third Division from any Board or University.
  2. b) A student of B.A. / BS Part-I Class shall be allowed transfer from the University to a campus within three months from the last date of admission, but no transfer from campus to University is allowed.
  3. c) The applicant would be considered for add/drop within one week period after announcement of classes. No change of discipline shall be allowed afterwards.
  4. d) The admissions to various Bachelor and Master (Prev.) professional/ quota-oriented courses of study shall be made in accordance with the Regulations prescribed for the purpose.
  5. e) The fairness, transparency and correctness in admissions will be monitored and enforced by a committee of Senior Professors of the University appointed by the Vice-chancellor with Director Admissions as its Secretary. Pre-Entry Test will also be conducted under the supervision of this Committee.
  6. f) A candidate who has passed H.S.C. Science, Commerce or H.S.C. Home Economics Examination is also eligible for admission to 4-year Bachelor/ B.A. (Hons) program.
  7. g) Candidates who are interested in seeking admission in the Institute of Arts & Design shall also have to take up Aptitude Test to be conducted by the Institute, as per schedule to be announced by the Director. Aptitude Test is also mandatory for admission to the S.H.P.E. Part-I, B.P.E.H.S.S. and M.P.E.H.S.S. course of study.
  8. h) A candidate who has already completed his/her course of study in a University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre leading to Bachelor’s (Pass/ Honours) degree shall NOT be eligible for admission to another or second Bachelor’s (Pass/ Honours) course (except B.Ed./ B.H. P.E., and Post Graduate Diplomas)  in the University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre.
  9. i) A candidate who has already passed Bachelor’s Pass degree course examination from the University of Sindh or any other University, shall NOT be eligible for admission to another Bachelor’s (Pass/ Honours) course excepting B.Ed. or B.H. P.E., and Post Graduate Diploma courses programs.
  10. j) Admission on migration basis from other Universities to this University shall be considered on the following grounds:
  11. a) The student has cleared all the subjects/papers of the last examination from the parent University.
  12. b) Parents of the student who are Government Officials are posted within the territorial jurisdiction of the University of Sindh.
  13. c) Admission on migration basis in the following Quota-Oriented disciplines will only be permissible under Self Finance Scheme:

 Business Administration/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/Telecommunication/ Electronics/ Geology/ Pharmacy/ Public Administration.