The Faculty of Social Sciences was established in 1989 , following division of the former Faculty of Arts into present Faculties of Arts, Commerce & Business Administration, Education, Islamic Studies, Law & Social Sciences, with Prof. G.H. Khaskheli as the first Dean of the Faculty. This is the Second largest Faculty of the University. The Faculty has been actively involved with research. The journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences is a regular publication. The 3-yr Honours degree programs offered earlier by the Faculty have been changed to 4-yr Bachelor degree programs, effective from 2006 session. Classes in all disciplines are held in the morning session, except for Public Administration and Criminology where Evening programs are also conducted.

Prof. Dr. Nagina Parveen

Contact Us:Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Sindh, Allama I.I. Kazi Campus,
Jamshoro-76080, Sindh, Pakistan
Tel. No. 92-22-9213204-9213181-90 Ext: 2051

Institute / Department / Center: Chairman / Chairperson: Office: Email:
Abida Taherani Sindh Development Studies Center Dr. Jariko Ghulam Ali +92-22-9213191
Far East South East Asia Area Study Center Dr. Chandio Rafique +92-22-9213432
Pakistan Studies Center Dr. Mahesar Shuja Ahmed +92-22-9213181
Institute of Gender Studies Dr. Qureshi Misbah Bibi +92-22-9213201
Department of Economics Dr. Khaskheli Ambreen Zeb +92-22-9213235
Department of General History Dr. Shaikh Irfan Ahmed +92-22-9213181
Department of International Relations Dr. Mangrio Naghma +92-22-9213228
Department of Library Information Science & Archive Studies Dr. Subhpoto Nisar Ahmed +92-22-9213181
Department of Media and Communication Studies Dr. Memon Bashir Ahmed +92-22-9213237
Department of Political Science Dr. Memon Kiran Sami +92-22-9213234
Department of Psychology Dr. Arfana Shah +92-22-9213181
Department of Public Administration Dr. Burdey Muhammad Bux +92-22-9213229
Department of Sociology Dr. Wasan Aijaz Ali +92-22-9213181
Department of Social Work Mr. Abbas Shah +92-22-9213181
Department of Criminology Dr. Narejo Nabi Bakhsh +92-22-9213181
Center for Rural Development Communication Dr. Memon Bashir Ahmed  +92-22-9213181