Institute of Physics (formerly Department of Physics) is one of the oldest departments (established in1955) of University of Sindh  Jamshoro. It was upgraded and named as Institute of Physics and Technology in 1979. In 1998 Physics and Technology disciplines were separated and given independent status as Departmant of Physics and Institute of Information Technology. Departmant of Physics was again upgraded to the present status of Institute of Physics in 2005.

Institute of Physics offers BS (four year) and M.Sc (Two Year) degree programs in Physics. In addition, it offers MS/M.Phil. and Ph.D degree programs in the following areas:

  1. Experiental High Energy Physics
  2. Laser Spectroscopy
  3. Neuro Physics
  4. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
  5. Semiconducor Physics
  6. Ion Trapping

Recently, 18-CH course for Ph.D degree program has been  introduced as per criteria approved by the HEC, which provides an excellent forum for students to develop and enhance their specialist and other more general theoretical and research skills. The Institute of Physics welcomes post-graduate applications from prospective students in this program. Succssful applicants after complting 18 CH course can pursue their research as full-time students leading to Ph.D.