Physiology Department was established by University of Sindh in 1974. Professor Dr. Abdul Qadir Ansari, was the founder chairman of the department. This department has very significant role in the advanced age of applied biological and health sciences. Physiology Department University of Sindh Jamshoro is the second one outside medical colleges/universities in Pakistan. It is introducing teaching and research programs in basic, experimental and applied physiology, at undergraduate and graduate levels. Healthy atmosphere, committed working, highly qualified teaching faculty, well equipped computer added experimental/ research laboratories and seminar library with digital library system are main symbols of entity of the Physiology department. This department objectively play significant role in the advancement of physiological sciences, with a variety of vigorous research programs supporting undergraduate physiology education and graduate studies in relevant fields. Science past many years Physiology department produced a good number of B.Sc. (Hons.), B.Sc (Pass), M.Sc., BS(4-years) and Ph.Ds programs with special interests in the fields of Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Neurophysiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Haematology, Histo & Patho-Physiology and Reproductive Physiology.


The mission of the MLT program is to prepare highly competent medical laboratory technologists who will become leaders in the profession of Medical Laboratory Technology. The program provides qualified students with both the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience in various areas of clinical laboratory science. Students are trained to perform clinical laboratory tests, evaluate and report accurate test data/ results used by physicians to properly diagnose and treat patients. Principles of quality assurance, laboratory safety assurance and provision of timely and cost-effective services are emphasized. Graduates of the program shall be able to demonstrate high ethical and moral standards, professional responsibility, and the desire for learning throughout their careers.


The objectives of this program (MLT) are to:

  • Provide students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge of clinical laboratory sciences and practical experience.
  • Develop in students’ career entry-level competencies in clinical laboratory testing, quality assurance, and professional ethical practice.
  • Provide students with the background adequate to follow graduate studies or specialization in an area of clinical laboratory sciences.
  • Cultivate the development of leadership, communication skills, and lifelong learning.
  • Prepare graduates to pass certification examinations (if required) in order to enter professional practice.

Students’ Learning Outcomes

The MLT graduates will be able to:

  • Establish proper procedures, for collecting, processing, and analyzing biological specimens and other substances, to maintain accuracy and precision.
  • Perform microscopic examination and analytical tests of cells, tissues, blood, body fluids, and other materials.
  • Employ problem solving and sound critical thinking skills to recognize and confirm abnormal laboratory results.
  • Exercise the principles of management and safety to include preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment as well as identify appropriate sources for repair.
  • Execute quality control measures, and participate actively in quality assurance programs.
  • Demonstrate ability to handle stressful situations calmly and efficiently.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills with patients, laboratory personnel and other health care professionals.
  • Display high standards of ethical practice including interactions with patients, peers and other health care personnel.
  • Demonstrate leadership, professional conduct, and the desire for continuing education.

Admission Requirements:

For admission requirements to the degree of BS in Medical Laboratory Technology (BS MLT), refer to the section entitled “Undergraduate Admission” catalog of University of Sindh.

Graduation Requirements

To receive the degree of BS in Medical Laboratory Technology, a student must fulfill all  requirements of the degree program, complete all required courses, accumulate a total of 130 credits (including internship/house job), with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5/4.0.