Anthropology and Archaeology is an integration of knowledge of the past and present of mankind. Anthropology deals with evaluation of man, societies and cultures, while Archaeology is the study of prehistoric civilization and societies. While the discipline of Anthropology covers the study of man, Archaeology is concerned with the past life style, culture and civilization of man.

The establishment of this department fulfills a long term desire of scholars and intellectuals to which has now been added the demand of Government and NGOs to produce professionals in order to explore save, and preserve relics and archeological sites which are being destroyed by human and natural factors. The University of Sindh has therefore established the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology to produce trained professionals in Anthropology and Archaeology.

This department is imparting knowledge of both the disciplines from academic session, 2008, by introducing the 8-semester BS 4-year program in Anthropology and Archaeology. During the first four semester students will study combined core courses and after that they will study major courses in both Anthropology and Archaeology. In the third year the students will be required to opt for special courses in either Anthropology or Archaeology. The degrees will be accordingly awarded in the respective subject, i.e., BS Anthropology or BS Archaeology.