The Faculty of Natural Sciences is one of the two oldest Faculties, established in 1953, starting with Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics departments with addition of Botany (1954), Zoology and Geography (1955) and followed by Geology in 1956. The Faculty has expanded further over the years and now comprises three Centres, eight Institutes and seven teaching departments with Anthropology & Archeology being the latest addition. It is the largest Faculty of the University, with 60% of the total students enrollment. Most of the departments/ institutes and their faculty have been actively involved with research. "Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series) is a regular publication of the Faculty since 1965 with contributions from the faculty members as well as renowned national scholars.The Faculty also enjoys the distinction of being the first among Public Sector Universities of the country to introduce 4-yr Bachelor degree (B.S) program for all the disciplines; The 4-yr study provides thorough grounding in the major disciplines alongwith broad-based knowledge in relevant fields, e.g., General Maths courses for Biology students or vice versa, besides courses under social science, e.g economics, civilization, etc.
Faculty of Natural Sciences,
University of Sindh, Allama I.I. Kazi Campus,Jamshoro-76080, Sindh, Pakistan
Tel. No. 92-22-9213172-9213181-90 Ext: 2091

Akhtar Hussain Mughal - Dr

Prof. Dr. Akhtar Hussain Mughal, Dean

Institute / Department / Center: Director / Chairman / Chairperson: Office: Email:
National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry Dr. Shahabuddin Memon +92-22-9213181
Centre for Physical Education, Health & Sports Science Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari +92-22-9213232
Centre for Environmental Science Dr. Khalida Faryal Almani +92-22-9213221
Centre for Pure & Applied Geology Dr. Agheem Muhammad Hassan +92-22-9213-167
Institute of Biochemistry Dr. Ghanghro Allah Bux +92-22-9213-294
Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Dr. Syed Habib Ahmed Naqvi +92-22-9213-297
Dr. M. A. Kazi Institute of Chemistry Dr. Mehboob Ali Rind +92-22-9213181
Institute of Information & Communication Technology Dr. Ismaili Imdad Ali +92-22-9213174
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Soomro Abdul Sattar +92-22-9213177
Institute of Advanced Research Studies in Chemical Sciences Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Mastoi +92-22-9213213
Institute of Physics Dr. Shaikh Nek Muhammad +92-22-9213175
Institute of Plant Sciences Dr. Memon Rabia Asma +92-22-9213238
Department of Anthropology & Archaeology Muhammad Hanif Laghari +92-22-9213250
Department of Freshwater Biology and Fisheries Dr. Wazir A. Baloch +92-22-9213181
Department of Geography Dr. Junejo Shafique Ahmed +92-22-9213181
Department of Microbiology Dr. Maka Ghulam Asghar +92-22-9213181
Department of Physiology Prof. Dr. Mahesar Hidayatullah +92-22-9213227
Department of Statistics Prof. Dr. Ghulam Hyder Talpur +92-22-9213181
Department of Zoology Dr. Tahira Jabeen +92-22-9213181