The Faculty of Arts was the first Faculty established in the University in 1951. It then comprised all disciplines including Commerce, Education, Islamic Studies, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences which were later on raised to independent Faculty status. The Faculty offers 4-yr. Bachelor program in Art & Design, English and Sindhi and 3-yr. (Hons.) program in other disciplines listed hereunder, as well as Master (Hons./ Pass), M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs.

Prof. Dr. Rafique Ahmed Memon
Incharge Dean Faculty of Arts

Contact Us:Faculty of Arts
University of Sindh, Allama I.I.Kazi Campus,
Jamshoro-76080, Sindh, Pakistan
Tel. No. 92-22-9213170- 9213181-90 Ext.2038
Email: dean.arts@usindh.edu.pk


Institute / Department / Center: Chairman / Chairperson: Office: Email:
Institute of Arts & Design Ms. Waheeda Bano Baloch +92-22-9213181 dir.ad@usindh.edu.pk
Institute of English Language & Literature Dr. Rafique Ahmed Memon +92-22-3041569 dir.eng@usindh.edu.pk
Institute of Languages (Arabic & Persian) Dr. Hafiz Abdul Ghani Shaikh +92-22-9213181 dir.lang@usindh.edu.pk
Department of Philosophy Mr. Mugheri Ayaz Hyder +92-22-9213181 chair.phil@usindh.edu.pk
Department of Sindhi Dr. Hakro Muhammad Anwar +92-22-9213181 chair.sin@usindh.edu.pk
Department of Urdu Dr. Rafique Ahmed Khan +92-22-9213181 chair.urdu@usindh.edu.pk