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Allama I.I. Kazi Campus Jamshoro


Faculties and Constituent Centres/ Institutes & Departments of the University of Sindh

Faculty of Arts

  1. Institute of Arts & Design
  2. Institute of English Language & Literature
  3. Institute of Languages (Arabic & Persian)
  4. Department of Philosophy
  5. Department of Sindhi
  6. Department of Urdu


Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration

  1. Institute of Business Administration
  2. Institute of Commerce


Faculty of Education

  1. Department of Curriculum Development & Special Edu.
  2. Department of Distance, Continuing and Computer Edu.
  3. Department of Education
  4. Department of Educational Management and Supervision
  5. Department of Psychological Testing, Guidance & Research
  6. Department of Science and Technical Education.


Faculty of Islamic Studies

  1. Department of Comparative Religion & Islamic Culture
  2. Department of Muslim History


Faculty of Law

  1. Institute of Law


Faculty of Natural Sciences

  1. National Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry
  2. Centre for Environmental Science
  3. Centre for Health and Physical Education Sports Science
  4. Centre for Pure & Applied Geology
  5. Institute of Biochemistry
  6. Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
  7. Dr. M.A. Kazi Institute of Chemistry
  8. Institute for Advanced Research Studies in Chemical Sciences.
  1. Institute of Information & Communication Technology
  2. Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science
  3. Institute of Plant Sciences
  4. Institute of Physics
  5. Department of Anthropology & Archaeology
  6. Department of Freshwater Biology & Fisheries
  7. Department of Geography
  8. Department of Microbiology
  9. Department of Physiology
  10. Department of Statistics
  11. Department of Zoology


Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Department of Pharmaceutics
  2. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  3. Department of Pharmacology
  4. Department of Pharmacognosy


Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. Sindh Development Studies Centre
  2. Pakistan Studies Centre
  3. Institute of Women Development Studies
  4. Department of Economics
  5. Department of General History
  6. Department of International Relations
  7. Department of Library Information Science & Archive Studies
  8. Department of Mass Communication
  9. Department of Political Science
  10. Department of Psychology
  11. Department of Public Administration
  12. Department of Sociology
  13. Department of Social Work
  14. Department of Criminology