Hands-Logo2University of Sindh is redirecting its economic and intellectual resources, Campuses, Facilities, affiliated community colleges and other assets to benefit its rural and urban community in many innovative ways. The University is planning to work for economic development provide needed social services, offer technical assistance to community based organizations. It is also planned to carry research that provide guidance for community problem solving and create opportunities for stake holders to learn from one another and from community.

Following steps has been taken to create a strong relationship between University of Sindh and its community

  • Bursaries and Scholarship are provided to deserving candidates.
  • Special seats in admissions are reserved for students from disadvantaged communities.
  • Courses are taught in community colleges for potential future University Students.
  • Visits by University staff and also students to schools and colleges are made.
  • University students particularly teachers trainers during their B. Ed training are sent to the schools and colleges to engage classes and provide mentoring.
  • Personal support through University tutors, student peer mentors, staff helping students to navigate academic and support system; and counseling; health and disability services.
  • Financial support, including emergency and hardship funds and assistance.
  • Employment support, including Job services as teachers assistants and faculty to earn and gain employ ability skills

In addition to addition to above mentioned steps University of Sindh manage/arrange following activates every year

  • Cultural days in all campuses as well as in affiliated colleges
  • Blood donations for needy persons
  • Book donations
  • Help and shelter to food/rain affected people at the time of need.
  • Seminars related to community issues.