1. Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Bufat,

Vice Chancellor,

University of Sindh, Jamshoro


2. Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah, G. Syed,

Pro Vice Chancellor,

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

Sindh University Campus at Dadu

Cell# 03009376734


3. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Narejo,

Pro Vice Chancellor,

Syed Allahndo Shah Sindh University Campus at Naushehro Feroz


4. Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Solangi,

Pro Vice Chancellor,

Sindh University Campus at Thatta

(Nominee of Academic Council)


5. Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon,
Pro Vice Chancellor,
University of Sufism & Modern Sciences (USMS), University of Sindh Bhittshah Campus 
6. Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali,

Pro Vice Chancellor,

Sindh University Campus at Larkana

Cell# 03363580837


7. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Dayo,

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy,
University of Sindh

8. Prof. Dr. Saleha Parveen,

Dean, Faculty of Education,
University of Sindh, Hyderabad


9. Prof. Dr. Akhtar Hussain Mughal,
Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences,University of Sindh
10. Prof. Dr. Nagina Parveen,
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Sindh 
11. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Anwar Khan Pathan,

Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies,
University of Sindh

12. Mr. Jhamat Jethanand,

Dean, Faculty of Law,

University of Sindh, Hyderabad


13. Prof. Dr. Syed Javed Iqbal,

Dean, Faculty of Arts,
University of Sindh


14. Prof. Dr. Muneer Ahmed Soomro,

Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, University of Sindh


15. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chandio,
Director, Institute of Mathematics & Computer Sciences, University of Sindh
(Nominee of Syndicate) 
16. Prof. Dr. Imamuddin Khoso,
Director, Institute of Business Administration, University of Sindh(Nominee of Academic Council)
17. Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto,

Registrar / Secretary,

University of Sindh


19. Prof. Dr. Naeem Tariq Narejo,
Director Research and Graduate Studies,University of Sindh
20. Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Siyal,

Controller of Examinations (Annual),

University of Sindh


21. Dr. Shahzad Memon,

Director, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), University of Sindh

(Special Approval)

22. Prof. Dr. Nek Muhammad Shaikh,
Director ORIC,
University of Sindh, Jamshoro
23. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Gachal

Focal Person,
Sindh University Campus at Mirpurkhas